First Interview with The Family

We perform a first interview with the family that can take place in our office or in their address in order to evaluate the necessity of each family and that way guide them to the best election. The objective is to find out all the necessities of the family and create the best profile with the precise requirements they’re looking for.

For parents that do not have enough time for this interview or have urgency for our service, we count with a written interview for special occasions that can replace the first one.

Nanny Presentation

Once we obtain the profile they’re looking for the next step is to search for at least three evaluated nannies in our staff that have the most similar profile to that expected by the family. If they do not find the expected we search for more candidates until we find the adequate one.

Once we have found out the best selection of nannies, the family is the one that will make the final decision. After having an individual interview with each of the candidates the family gets to decide the best profile that adapts to the expected and should make the final decision.

Meticulous pre-selection of nannies

  • Group and Individual Interviews
  • Corroboration of College Certificate or a Student Certificate for the coursing studies and a Foreign Language Certificat
  • Proof of the nannies’ previous jobs and references
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Social and Environmental Repot, Address Visit Report done by a Social Assistant
  • Checking of non previous criminal records
  • Medical up to date check up
  • Identity document up to date verification

One Year monitoring, Training and Guarantee

- Monitoring
We monitor the nanny and the family weekly (once the job is started) by telephone calls and e-mails and evaluate the conformity of both. We accompany each trough the first stage of adaptation, guiding and interfering, even by address visits if needed.

- Training of Nannies
We considerate that the acquisition of new abilities and healthy development of a child depend on intense stimulation by the people around them. We train each of our nannies in group or individually by specifying in their needs. We strengthen various areas such as caring, stimulating and nutritional feeding according to the present child’s stage in each of the various stages of infancy. We teach basic lessons in preventive and first aid measures so they can count with the necessary tools to collaborate in the child’s good development.

- Guarantee
Once the right nanny is selected, she will start working with a three month guarantee. If the family is not satisfied, any inconvenient arises, or there is no adaptation by any of the two parts (nanny and family); we compromise in the quick and right searching of a new nanny that fulfills the expectations of the family, with no additional cost. The family is free to demand this service as much as needed during this three month period.