Who We Are

We are a team of professionals specialized in parenthood and upbringing, providing all of our knowledge to advise every family searching for someone who is conscious and respectful. For more than 14 years we have worked together with families throughout the first years of their children’s lives; providing them with quality care, based on respect for individual rhythm and individual needs.
We are International Consultants who offer services and nanny searches all over the world.

Our Work  

We create the conditions that allow children to discover and relate to the world in a safe way, helping them to achieve autonomy and growth in a protected place with permanent contention and support. 

We offer quality experiences and care that support their development. 

Caring for the relationship is truly important when you leave your child with another person. Therefore, we are in direct contact with the families and specialized personnel so as to guarantee that lasting bonds are developed from respectful partnerships, where he quality of daily cares allows for the creation of a privileged bond with the adult. 

A respectful view Our Approach  

Inspired by the ideas of Emmi Pikler (Pikler-Lóczy Education), María Montessori (Montessori Education) and Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf Education) we work under a respectful approach with individualized attention, patience and understanding, supporting the upbringing style that each family chooses for their kids and an environment where children set their times on their own, where they develop and learn at their own rhythm.  There is nothing better for children than spending their first years in a safe, cozy, warm space, like their own home with people who care for them, know them, and have their physical and psychological needs in mind. 


Dulces Nanas is a space I created with a lot of love in order to guide families and nannies willing to accompany and protect children from a respectful perspective, building a loving bond focused on the needs of boys and girls.

I have been working with children and families for 19 years, and I have received training in different countries: Argentina, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Hungary.

I am a Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologist specialized in Pediatric Psycho-oncology and Perinatal Psychology.

I started my professional journey as a volunteer at María Cecilia Foundation Playroom at San Isidro Mother and Child Hospital in Buenos Aires. There I was part of the Mental Health Professionals Team for several years, accompanying pediatric patients suffering from cancer diseases. I worked in the areas of Pediatric Hospitalization, Surgical Psychoprophylaxis and Pediatric Oncohematology.

After several years of working in contact with death and witnessing very severe illnesses in children, I realized that I needed to better understand the beginning of life, starting from the initial bond with parents, continuing with upbringing at home and education in schools.

That is why I received professional training to become a Specialist in Psycho-perinatology and Childcare, a Breastfeeding Consultant and Doula.

Several years ago, I completed my Master’s degree in Montessori Early Childhood Education at the University of Barcelona and became a Montessori Guide 0-3 and 3-6 years, which introduced me to the wonderful world of active, modern, non-directive Pedagogies. I have also taken courses on Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Forest School Pedagogies, as well as Yoga and Mindfulness for children and adolescents.

In 2013 by a happy chance, my life journey led me to an institution called Lòczy, in Budapest, where I learned for the first time to approach early childhood from a more conscious and respectful perspective, thanks to the wonderful work of Dr. Emmi Pikler. That was when I decided to start my training as a Pikler® Professional, which is still ongoing.

I have spent many years providing care for babies and children, accompanying families, particularly in the care of newborns and therapeutic accompaniment to children with special needs. I have vast experience coordinating my own and third-party educational spaces (nursery schools, mobile kindergartens, playrooms and free play spaces) and I also provide child-rearing counseling to families and schools from different parts of the world that are looking for some new approach.

I am in charge of the general coordination of Dulces Nanas ́ Professional Team.