Activities and Mobile workshops for children

Mobile pre-school

We form little groups of kids of approximately the same age. They gather up in different homes each day (the days and hours are agreed before they start). The objective is to play and learn at the same time with the help of one or two teachers.

- Educational proposal
A group of kids gather up with a teacher and get to do activities like they would do in a kindergarten, but at home by learning through the act of playing. The idea is for them to get used to what they will be doing at the actual kindergarten, for them to have their first experiences with the materials and activities. We give a lot of importance on the forming of a social environment different from their family where they start to learn about sharing and other important activities.

- Ludic proposal
A group of kids who already attend kindergarten are reunited with the objective of playing and socializing with other kids. The intention is to perform activities that they are already doing in the kindergarten in order to strengthen skills. Learning is always the objective but without setting aside the act of playing.

Mobile Colonies

We form little groups of kids of an average age and reunite them in different homes of each of them, during vacations (summer and winter) with the objective of playing. There is always a teacher or two around. We count with special activities for indoors or outdoors, including games with water and without the necessity of a pool.

Mobile Workshops

We gather up kids of an average age and reunite them in different homes of each of them that rotate each day with the help of one or two teachers, weekly with the objective of playing or learning about a specific activity.

- Mobile Circus and Music
The proposal is a fun world with colors, music, laughter and games; a space for playing clown, acrobats or forming bands of music. They can dance, jump, sing, shout, and do acrobatics, juggling, play instruments and much other stuff.

- Mobile Little Chefs
This is a fun way to learn about the kitchen, it includes: apron, ingredients, utensils, and didactic material for each participant. The kids take with them everything they prepared on material provided by us.

- Theater and Music Comedy Workshop
Theater classes with a little bit of singing lessons for them to have fun acting among friends.

- Art Workshop
With an art teacher in charge they can express their artistic skills by drawing and painting.

- Mobile Language Workshop
We organize little groups of kids of an average age and offer them the opportunity of stimulating their language skills in English and Italian throughout the different games.

- Playing workshop – Mother Stimulation – Babies
We invite mothers and their babies to share their first social experience with other pairs. The idea is to stimulate their kids through the act of playing. We work with mother/baby bond encouraging their interaction and sharing the experience with other moms that are at the same place.


It is the English program of music and movement most respected in the world for more than 25 years. More than 5,000 authorized educators use these workouts with babies and children of up to 7 years old in more than 50 countries. In Dulces Nanas we offer you to form a little Kindermusik group in your house for you and your kid. It is a space for you to share special and magic moments that occur through music, movement, petting, stories, sounds, etc. By this you will help your child to discover the world in different ways. In these classes you will be able to stimulate your child’s learning skills throughout songs, vocal games, object exploration and musical instruments, creative movement, stories, and English in a warm and familiar environment. Classes are one hour a week. Each can come with a companion (mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, nanny, etc.)