Baby showers, birthdays and events for children

Baby Showers

With the motive of celebrating the arrival of a baby or maternity we organize events with themes, games, gifts and a lot of surprises to tribute the one who is expecting. It a special celebration done in the U.S.A and now is becoming more popular in Latin America and our country. A particular theme is elected for the decoration, invitations, coordination of games, surprises, food and gifts. We organize everything for it to be an unforgettable event.

Day Nursery

We count with the caring and recreation of children and babies service in events such as marriages, fifteenth parties, anniversaries, baptisms, birthdays, communions, etc.

Our nannies are all professionals with experience in the caring and recreation of children, they count with specific activities and materials for each age and event.


- Recreational animations
We organize games and activities adapted to the group’s ages.

- Thematic animation
We animate, play, decorate, and create souvenirs, cake, catering and everything related to your favorite character.

- Animations with workshops
You chose a special workshop and we organize everything such as games and activities for that workshop. Music and circus Workshop/ Little Chefs Workshop/ Theater and Musical Comedy Workshop / Dance and Choreography Workshop/ Art Workshop.

- Animations exclusive for girls
A birthday exclusive for girls, with beauty salon, make-up sessions, nail decorations, activities and games.

- Animations exclusive for boys
A birthday exclusive for boys with football court, competition games and activities. Play station, Wii, X-Box for rent.

- Sport animations
A birthday designed with all types of sports and physical activities. Football court, competing games, racing, etc. We count with specialized people in physical education.

- Musical animation
We animate in dance, karaoke and musical Bingo.

- Teen animation – mini disco
We organize a mini Disco for kids to dance with their friends and enjoy the best music, with the necessary environment.

- Tea with friends
We organize an afternoon snack for girls to enjoy an evening with friends, with activities and clothes related to the theme while they drink tea. We set up a table decorated with exquisite cakes, candies, various flavor of sandwiches, juice, Nesquick and tea.

- Pajama Party
We organize your birthday at night with a pajama party, clothes for the sleepover, music, dance and choreographies games and a lot of surprises.

- Shows for kids
Magic shows – Clowns – Puppetry – Theatric plays – Storytelling, etc.