Professional Nannies

We count with specialists qualified in Caring and Infant Stimulation, Specialists in anything related to infancy (Psychology, Educational Psychology, Pre-school educators, Educators, Motherhood-Infant Assistants, Neo-natal specialists, Music Therapy, Psychomotor Therapy, etc.), who are professionals or currently studying. They have a great trajectory in the caring of infants and have verifiable references.

We count with nannies specialized in Educational Psychology to accompany the families not just in the caring of their children but in the support and stimulation of schoolwork; with the planning of educational activities and daily help.

Even though they’re formed professionally in these matters, we form them in other topics such as Stimulation, Playing, Nutrition, Hygiene, First Aid, etc.

Their responsibility varies depending on the necessities of each family. Our nannies are qualified with great experience and don’t do housework.

Caring Nannies

Similar to Professional Nannies, this type of nannies have great experience in the caring of children and babies, but they do not count with any specialty or studies related to childhood. They all count with high school degree or even have another study or bachelor’s degree in other topics which are not related to infancy. However, they all are well prepared in the capacity of stimulating, playing, well feeding, cleaning, and first aiding your children.

Some of them can also take care of housework if it is needed, although they specially take care of children, but it should be requested with anticipation. They can take care of the feeding of children, shopping related to them, accompanying them to their outdoor activities, their laundry and simple cleaning of the house. Although it is important to remember that their principal task (the same as Professional Nannies) is to stimulate, recreate and take care of the children. Specific tasks of these nannies vary according to each family’s necessities.

Multilingual Nannies

We offer a special service to foreign families that are vacationing or living in the country and require of the caring of their children from a person who speaks their first language. Also for those Argentinean families who require the nanny’s knowledge of another language for their children to learn at home.

Specialized Nannies in specific disabilities or pathologies.

We count with specialized nannies in certain type of care giving for children with certain pathologies or disabilities. They all count with the right knowledge on how to care and stimulate these children and verifiable experience.

Hiring dealings:

- Permanent
Part-time – Full-time – Hourly – With stay – Weekends – Nocturnal Company and Trips – Events.

- Express service
Immediate service, 24 hours a day for parents who want to go out on a night or have an emergency, work, or something that can’t wait, kids who get sick and can’t go to school or any eventuality that requires someone to help with the children at home, hotels, trips, meetings, nocturnal company, or trips. Hiring is for a minimum of four hours.

Our nannies are not strangers. We bring you maximum security and trust by finely selecting our nannies with psychological tests and social/environmental tests, with verifiable experience and non-criminal records; all verified by us.

The nanny’s responsibilities and tasks

  • Basic tasks: Care giving, hygiene and feeding the baby.
  • Verifying cleanliness of clothing, toys and the child’s room.
  • Motivating and stimulating the child’s development and growth in all levels, biological, psychological and social.
  • Supporting and helping in school’s work.
  • Stimulating the learning and creativity of the child by playing.
  • Accompanying them in all activities such as doctor’s appointment, school, trips, daily activities, etc.
  • All necessities for the well learning, developing and growth of the child and his/her family’s well being.

Psychological Evaluation and Training of your nanny or domestic personnel.

- Psychological Evaluation
We offer a service for those who already count with personnel. It is the same psychological evaluation process we use on our own staff. It consists on a psychodiagnosis to assure your family that they count with the right person for the job. We guarantee great security and trust. You can also ask for the non-criminal records, medical studies, verifiable experience, and a visit to their home done by a specialist with a social/environmental study. We may present you the report of all these studies and an oral explanation done by a specialist in an interview with you.

- Group training
We offer training for the nannies that are part of our staff as well as those who aren’t.

Those families who already count with a nanny of their own can also train them by our means. We offer first aid training, basic knowledge on caring of children, stimulation and recreation in the various phases of infancy as well as nutrition, hygiene, kitchen security, shantala massaging, etc.

- Personal Training
We evaluate each person and contribute with the right knowledge to form a nanny for a specific job. First, we interview the family or parents to evaluate the necessities they have and determine the weakness of the nanny. We do several interviews and observation with the nanny.

Educational Planning and Monitoring at your Home

This is a follow up, monitoring and evaluation of those who have been hired by our or other means.

It consists on various visits from us to your home to evaluate the bond between your child and the nanny, the activities the do during work ours, the acquired skills and accomplishments to guide the nanny on the caring and stimulating of the child. We help her in the activity planning without discriminating the child’s age, phase and subjectivity.

These are various visits and then we work weekly with the nanny on future activities. We work with reports to evaluate progress and achievements. We offer the needed material for the accomplishment of activities and objectives.

Security and Monitoring Service at your Home

We install security cameras in order to observe and hear what is happening at home just by accessing internet.

Video recording is also offered to observe what happens each minute even on early days.

Permanent Monitoring. We make reports on what is happening each minute of the day. We notice the client on any alarming situation.